Ready to book “focus time” for not doing much?

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A vain hope

The sad reality

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Plan B

The firefight of the day

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Why the solution is working over the weekend

Sticking to the calendar pace is draining

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Inspiration is never planned

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Too many meetings prevent solo work

Distractions, interruptions, changes of plan and priorities

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Real life Activities don’t have a fixed duration

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How can you better focus without sacrificing your evenings, weekends, and personal relationships?

  1. It lowers the amount of meetings, so that your day would be less constrained, less stressful and you’ll have: (a) more chances to embrace inspirations as they come; (b) more time to finish work within business hours.
  2. It minimizes distractions and interruptions, so that you can focus and be more productive for the same amount of time.
  3. It is flexible enough to support activities for as long as it’s needed, so that you don’t waste time with follow ups scattered over time, you’ll make decisions earlier, and deliver your work faster.
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  1. Walk away, and keep your frustrating work day as it is.
  2. Sign up for our Beta program and have the chance to contribute to something bigger that will change the way we interact and work, giving you the chance to be more productive, faster.



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Dario De Santis

Dario De Santis

Long-termist visionary technology Entrepreneur and Product Leader, with a strong passion for improving people's productivity through innovative solutions.