Mom, How Many Sticky Notes Are There On Your Fridge?

Dario De Santis
4 min readMay 8, 2022


Happy Mother’s day!

I say this with extreme gratitude and reverence.

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Without any doubt, you have the toughest job on earth: raising kids 24/7, even while on vacation.

When I look back at what my mother did for me, I am in awe. As a passionate physician at a fairly large hospital, she was often working overtime to cover for absent colleagues, both day and night. In addition, she used to receive less lucky kids at home, taking care of their health on a pro-bono basis.

Despite all those commitments, as a traditional Italian mom, she would never fail to feed the family with amazing fresh food, inspiring me to develop one of my deepest passions: cooking.

When my 7 year old brother got sick with an incurable type of Leukemia, her life got an order of magnitude more complicated, yet, she kept going full steam without missing a beat, showing everyone the importance of fundamental values such as family, love, patience and tenacity.

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, or you have a daily (or nightly) job, you are sacrificing sleep, wellbeing and passions to ensure a great future for your kids, who will soon contribute to our society’s progress. Thanks to your wise teachings and examples, children all over the world pursue their dreams and make an impact faster.

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Nothing falls through the cracks

As a mom, one of your super powers is to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. You won’t miss any appointment with a school teacher, any call with a technician, any swimming lesson or soccer practice.

Chances are, your calendar is hand-marked with appointments that matter, and your fridge features a series of post-its attached to the door, reminding you to make calls.

You are very well organized and you know how to optimize, however, sometimes keeping up with everything that is going on may be draining.

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We can help by replacing those post-its

If you are interested in optimization and you are mindful of time and mental resource wastes, then you should read further.

Tweelin may help alleviate your stress by allowing you to replace your to-call list on the fridge with… nothing!

Imagine you need to call the plumber. You just open the Tweelin app and make a wish to talk to him as soon as possible about your leaky faucet; your plumber will get a notification that invites him to accept your wish and talk to you about your faucet. He agrees.

Then, magically, at the right moment for both, you receive a notification that invites you to call the plumber through the best possible app you have in common, maximizing the chances to talk.

What if you have the app but your plumber doesn’t? No worries! It works for non-users, too!

No more post-its on your fridge, no more missed calls, no more texting back and forth, no more efforts to remember you have to make a call. Your mind is now free to think about more productive things.

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Our little contribution

Mom, we greatly value your invaluable contribution to our society, and, since you made it this far through my blog post, as a small token of appreciation, Tweelin wants to give you a year of our highest tier of service, completely free. No need for a credit card, no caveats.

If interested, please, email us at and write “Mom” in the subject. Our team will follow up with you to get you set up!

The Tweelin app is currently in Beta testing phase, and it is available to Android users; it will be launched on Play Store in June 2022. The iOS version will follow closely.

Thank you for everything you do!

Yours sincerely,
Tweelin Team



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